How to Check Windows 10 version using Command prompt H2S Media

Lightshot is a free screen capture tool for fast, customizable screenshots on windows. It also comes with an image editor, and additional features for sharing nifty screen captures online and offline. However, unlike when you press the PrtSc key, you don’t need to paste the screenshot in an image editor app. Instead, the screenshot saves itself in the “Screenshots” folder as a png image file.

  • Microsoft released the successor to NT 3.51, Windows NT 4.0, on August 24, 1996, one year after the release of Windows 95.
  • The easiest way to find out how much RAM you have is by typing RAM in the Windows search bar.
  • Read how to make the connection in How to Connect Your Android Phone to Your Windows 11 PC.
  • In Windows 11 and 10, this is the Reset This PC screen you’ll see next, headed withChoose an option.

Nor does Microsoft seem interested in DIY PC builders. Microsoft has already started including the updated Paint app (though I’ve started to enjoy the modern Paint 3D), as well as new versions of Notepad (with a dark mode!) and Calculator. A new dedicated template-based video editing app called Clipchamp is also coming to Windows 11. In addition to apps you can get in the Store, you also get standard apps like an updated Photos app, the new Media Player, Voice Recorder, two Paint apps , Mail, Calendar, and so on.

Why Should you be Excited About Windows 11?

Launch the Windows Task Manager using the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keyboard shortcut. You could also tap ‘Windows key + X’ to launch the Quick Access Menu and then select Task Manager. After launching the snipping tool program, open a menu that you want a picture of. When using Windows 7, hit the Esc key first before opening the menu. Hit the ‘Start’ button and type ‘Snipping Tool’ in the search box that appears, click on the Snipping tool icon to launch the program. To use it, open the app using Windows’ Search function.

Now you can get the latest version in form of an update, or by downloading the ISO file and performing a clean install. Download PC Health Check software from Microsoft and check if your computer is compatible with the latest version. Windows 10 has been a massive success for Microsoft, and the company is constantly improving it with new features and bug fixes. Windows 10 was generally well-received by battery life experts, but Microsoft has continued to make improvements in Windows 11. Battery life should be better on average with Windows 11, though it will vary depending on the specific hardware and configuration of a given device. Other features in generation two VMs include increased memory and virtualized persistent memory.

Top #9 ways to take screenshots in Windows 10, 11? Use Snipping Tool to capture screenshots?

Interestingly, the Adobe Premiere Pro 2021 results between Windows 10 and Windows 11 running VBS were virtually identical. That made Windows 11 without VBS 5% faster than Windows 10. Not a massive difference, but the newer operating system did deliver the best results. We’re looking at a similar thing with the Corona benchmark, though overall Windows 11 without VBS enabled produced the best result, beating Windows 10 by a 5% margin.

In April 2021, the ability to run Linux applications using a graphical user interface, such as Audacity, directly in Windows, was introduced as a preview. This feature would later be included as part of the updated Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 for Windows 11 only. Updates can cause compatibility or other problems; a Microsoft troubleshooter program allows bad updates to be uninstalled. Microsoft said that the loophole is not intended to be used in this manner.

Once complete, you’ll be presented with the Out-of-Box-Experience for Windows 10. Before the process download here begins fully, Windows 10 will ask for final confirmation that you definitely want to reset your device. This is the point of no return, so make sure you absolutely do want to go through with wiping your device before confirming. Finally, make sure to reinstall any app that was previously available on your computer .

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